Company profile

Dalas Paper Products Ltd  was founded in 1980, as a Products paper producer.
Within years Dalas expanded her activity and start to import and distribute a wide range of consumer,
hygiene and cleaning products to institutional market.

Today more than 3000 customers take pleasure from company's
Products & service

Dalas keep on leading the institutional market, by continuing to
Committed, innovate and servicing her clients.

Our clients come from different market fields, among them:
Hotels, restaurants, government offices, nursing homes, Hospitals,
Factories, municipalities, cleaning companies, wholesalers and retailers.

Dalas employee 180 employees

Dalas divided to several divisions, which manufacture a wide range of products.
Our products match the standard 9001, Israel ISO and international HACCP standard

Paper mill

The advanced technology of our paper mill enables us to
Produce wide variety quality paper products.
Our development team constantly improves and develops new products according to market needs.

Plant products: all kind of towel folded paper, Kitchen towels, industrial paper, napkins, toilet paper, and a variety of complementary paper products.


Dalas have a knowledge production agreement with Austrian Hagleitner Company, one of the world's leading chemicals company.
Technological capabilities and cooperation with the Austrian company let Dalas to produce & import high-quality and
Most professional cleaning products in the industry!

Equipment and related products

In order to meet all customers' needs, Dalas developed a whole category of cleaning accessories, nylon bags, and disposable products.

Projects Division

Division was established following the growing demand for advanced solutions from architects, management companies, developing and building construction projects.
Hagleitner world's most advanced dispenser's line gives a perfect
Solutions to the needs and problems typify the institutional market.
Hagleitner products have outstanding advantages over any equivalent product on the market.

Dalas is one of the leading importer companies for Bathrooms facilities equipment, we import all over the world, sanitary fittings,
Grab bars, Bins, for offices and public areas.

 Project Division teams provide personal services, installations
And monthly maintenance, incomparable to any competitor in the industry.

Dalas cooperates and represents following international companies

Hagleitner – Austria

Vama – Italy

Technical Concepts – England

MarPlast – Italy

Fanda – Taiwan

Article – Taiwan


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